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Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.

The Unplanned for

I am Back ~.~

Back to livejournal!
A new phase of life begin. After Ording and working for the first time and doing my PB in last year stand chart marathon. 2011 was a fruitful year. So may 2012 be a good year too! Uni and stuff and finally slowly leaving the sheltered life and venturing into society =).

Jia Wei (@_@)

:: First 10Km Run in 19 years of my Life ::
:: First 10Km Run in 19 years of my Life ::

Believe it or not this is my first time running a 10km race, not part of a full marathon hor!

So It was very different from what i expected since 10km is a short distance, i expected no one to walk and all to chiong from start to the end. But in the end even b4 the 1km marking i see lots of people walking. I was quite shock and being super competitive i was quite annoyed since they form a huge human wall blocking my way. Hence i have to run Zig Zag -_- which slowed down my tempo and timing by a significant amount. But after the road get wider i took the chance to chiong past the wall and finally i can run without being blocked. So it was a pretty short run compared to a full marathon. The Finishing was awesome, again, being super competitive, i raced the last 100m with some of the other participant hehe. SHIOK feeling, since they also reciprocate by sprinting too, good sportsmanship!!

:: Nvr Want to go back Again ::
:: Nvr Want to go back Again ::

Back from brunei, 10 interesting days of my life.
Shall let the pictures do the talking.

From Day 1 to 10 , i am like this and here are some

of my little friends

MY BUNK for Outfield

= Looks Something like this =)

+ +                                                                               = Outfield Sian!!

Entertainment Limited

Sneak peek into my scrapbook

And of Cos R &  R



Yeah u can see for urself  why some experience are called once in a lifetime good experience.

:: Amused ::
:: AMUSED ::

Was Somehow always amused by this particular monkey face made out of some Symbol. Don't Know Why....
                                             O(@_@)O and @(O_o)@
It is even on my waterbottle hehe!!


So today is mother's day, a day where mom take a break and celebrate their 9 months of painful pregnancy to give birth to us the naughty little children.
This year, i decided to treat my mom to dinner instead of buying her a gift. Actually mother's day is just one day, so u shouldn't just be treating ur mom good on this particular day, everyday should be mother's day to u
U should treat ur mom nicely everyday but maybe especially nice on mother's day.


:: Anatomy Of Friendship ::
:: Friendship ::

Friendship is a simple thing. A relationship base on equal give and take of both parties . However complication arise when u make friends with the wrong people and they lead you astray. Stories of how youth are regretting hanging out with the wrong group of friends are always appearing on the news but hey guess wat?! They realise it and change for the better.

My Definition of Friendship is simple. First is Trust ,Fun, by my side in my darkiest period in life, chemistry, helpful, common interest, enjoying their company, honesty and accepting me for who i am and not trying to change me. Well that special link that will never disappear despite losing contact for years or not being able to meet up for months or years due to work. Technology is so advanced now that you can contact your friends through the internet social website like facebook or twitter and there is always msn and the magic smartphone. It is unlike last time where it is very hard to find your long last friend. Well i am somebody who hate farewell and goodbye.

Well Bad Friendship are common too! People who make use of their friends for monetary purpose and personal intent, backstabber, hyprocrites and shunning their friends when they are depressed or when they feel they have no use for them anymore.

Friendship is a simple yet beautiful thing. But it can also be a complicated yet ugly thing. It depends really both side of this special relationship to make it work or break. What matters most is that in a friendship is that everyone must be happy.

this is my anatomy of friendship.

I appreciate each and everyone of my friends, you  are people who add colors to my life. Friends forever!


p.s ( i have not written for a very long time since my A-levels lol, trying to improve my england hehe.pls be understanding :P)

:: KITES!! ::
:: KITES!! ::

The Last time i flyed a kite was like 10 years ago where kites were still the normal diamond shaped with a tail. But after a visit to marina barrage 1 year back i realise that kite now are very different from what it used to be. There are giant kites, stunt kite in all different kind of shapes.
Here is a photo of the giant snake kite i saw in marina barrage:

Very fascinated by them. Guess its time to buy a kite and head off to marina barrage soon! Anyone wanna join?

:: Sentosa : Beach Volleyball ::
:: Sentosa : Beach Volleyball ::

Its been a while since i last played beach volleyball. Kinda Lost all of the basics already haha but it was fun. But those people are too good for us already so playing with them is like wasting their time. Surprised tat some people brought their own court!! Well this show how long ago it was since i last played.

First Entry : My Past 2 Marathon....
:: First Entry of my LJ ::

Under Influence from a friend (U know who u are ) i decided to give ljing a try. Well the first post is abt my past marathons.

2009- Distance when shagness and cramp surface = 15km
            Distance when i am dying = 20km
            Distance when my leg feel like there is no tmr = 28km
            Distance when i tink it is impossible to complete = 31km
            Distance when i am in extreme pain = 34km
            Distance when my adrenaline pump ttm = 42km
            Distance when i feel the shiokness = 42.195km
            Time taken = 07 :10 :10
            Time taken for after race ache to disappear = 1 week
Last 0.195m chiong for 2009

2010 - Distance when shagness and cramp surface = 30km
             Distance when i am dying = N/A
             Distance when my leg feel like there is no tmr = N/A
            Distance when i tink it is impossible to complete = N/A
            Distance when i am in extreme pain = N/A
            Distance when my adrenaline pump ttm = 42km
            Distance when i feel the shiokness = 42.195km
            Time taken = 07 :23 :41
            Time taken for after race ache to disappear = N/A cuz there is none haha :P
Last 0.195m chiong for 2010 with my junior:

So why is my 2010 timing slower than my 2009 timing then? Cuz i jio my junior to run with me haha :) he is experiencing everything i experience in 2009 so had to motivate him so i took a bit more time :)

Peekture of the cert :

All of u try out to run a full marathon....it is a good once in lifetime experience for most cuz they dun wanna run another one ever again.